Services that will get you to the next level.

In order to turn our vision into reality, we offer several key services to help you or your business benefit from the holistic view on life in the house music scene. Note that every service can be customized to meet your personal needs. For more information, please contact us.

Artist management

Today’s artists in the house scene face a myriad of challenges.
Overcoming these challenges on your own is nigh impossible in the current climate of overwhelming negativity and attitudes that do more harm than good.

We aim to bring out the human side in artists, that is, to help them channel their passion for music into everything they do career-wise. This is a highly intensive process, requiring full commitment on both our side and the artist’s. Through intensive personal contact, we will guide you through the struggles that come with a career in the music industry, teaching a holistic and positive attitude, shaping you into the best artist you can be.

Drawing on our extensive network of other professionals, managements, labels, and event organizers, we are always able to provide you with whatever you need to advance your career. Contacts you can rely on. New events to showcase your skills at. Life lessons to live and breathe.

This management is for every house artist that’s in it for the music, and nothing but the music.

Talent management

For those up-and-coming talents ready to take the house scene by storm, we offer a fresh and extensive take on traditional talent management.

The beginning of every career is highly vulnerable to mistakes, but more so when you’re a house musician on the rise. To avoid common beginner mistakes and to clearly communicate your unique image and brand as an artist to the rest of the world, the kind of holistic talent management we offer is essential.

After getting to know you and your abilities, we will plot a course of action for this first phase of your career. Which steps, when taken, will provide the highest yield for your career right now? How do you communicate with others in the industry? How do you distinguish yourself from other upcoming artists without resorting to a negative attitude? These are all examples of important questions we will answer together.

And together, we will transform your talent into a musical force to behold.

Life coaching

To support the house music industry, a legion of professionals is needed, ranging from managers to bookers to event organizers and everything in between. But creating a better and happier industry starts with you, the professional, as an individual.

Working in the music industry requires a determination and a vision that can withstand criticism, setbacks, and personal conflicts. Loss of passion is a real phenomenon, caused by the toxic atmosphere that’s created when people are in the industry for the wrong reasons. It can be hard to maintain a positive attitude and to strive towards achieving your goals when there is so much negativity going around.

Our life coaching is aimed at professionals in the music industry who need something else, something more than just business advice in order to perform better and make their dreams come true. Because working with music involves so many aspects of humanity, including personality and emotions, it is essential to be proficient in dealing with these aspects, starting with yourself. By getting in touch with this emotional side of your career, you will greatly enhance the passion with which you do your work. Others will notice your positivity, and this will forever change the way people do business with you.

We provide our life coaching on a variety of platforms, including but not limited to email and video chatting/Skype. You are free to choose whatever medium you like best for expressing your views and questions.

Line up creation

An amazing house music event needs an amazing line-up to succeed. The flow of the music throughout the event is a key factor in determining the success of an event. Imagine a diverse yet cohesive line-up that has the crowd enjoying an array of moving and unique music, while perfectly matching the image of your event. We specialize in creating this kind of enchanting, captivating line-up.

It takes someone who understands the power of music to build a flawless line-up. In our vision, we state that everything we do comes from our infinite love for music. Tapping into this love and combining it with a thorough knowledge of the scene and how events work, we are able to provide an amazing line-up every single time, no matter the size of your event.